Fox Hollow Flora is a premium cannabis producer south of Eugene, Oregon. We have been providing high quality flowers to medical dispensaries in the Eugene area since 2013. Our motivation is forged by the hard truth that you will always get out exactly what you put in. Our goal is to maintain responsible growth and continue exploring ways to understand our plants, our genetics, and our bar for excellence. Our country is depending on us to set a standard for Pacific Northwest cannabis that will be unmatched by any other region in the world.  We accept this honor to represent the great state of Oregon in this special moment of our nation’s history; we will never take it for granted.

We strongly encourage cannabis users to buy Oregon grown and crafted.  Oregon growers are humble to the plant, organically focused, and respectful of the earth.  Our rapidly growing cannabis industry is a symbol of respect, equality, and compassion.  It’s not about hype in Oregon weed; it’s quality over quantity in every aspect of the industry.

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Born in Indiana, Ben found his way to Eugene in 2001 in search of a place that reflected his ideals. After graduating from the University of Oregon with a B.A. in Music, he took on the position of Sous Chef at King Estate Winery. Ben built one of the largest local food restaurant inventories in Oregon and rose to the rank of Executive Chef. In 2014, Ben left the hospitality industry to focus full time on producing cannabis of the highest quality, which he has already been providing to dispensaries under the name Fox Hollow Flora.

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Born in Portland, Oregon, Jacob has always had a deep appreciation of the outdoors. He learned carpentry in southern Oregon, then relocated to Eugene with his wife Jaime. After moving to Eugene, Jacob purchased a commercial salmon troller and taught himself to catch salmon and built his own distribution network. He met Ben at King Estate Winery, and they found they shared a passion for high quality, local, responsibly sourced products. It is in this spirit that they join forces in this exciting new industry.

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Born on a small island off the coast of Virginia, Sean moved to Philadelphia in 1995 to pursue a culinary career. After graduating culinary school, he worked in fine dining restaurants, but eventually decided to move away from the hustle and bustle of the city for the lush green ambiance of Eugene. While working in the local restaurant scene, Sean met Ben, and the two shared a mutual passion on many topics from values to music, and of course cannabis. Sean worked at King Estate Winery as Special Event Chef alongside Ben and Jacob. Once Fox Hollow Flora began to expand, he was brought on to join the team.

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Jon moved to Eugene from Arizona with a passion for cannabis and music. While pursuing cannabis cultivation, he earned a music degree from the U of O. He honed his entrepreneurial skills after graduation, working as an arborist, carpenter, and musician, whilst progressing his understanding of sustainable, organic farming. Jon reconnected with Ben (whom he met at music school) after GanjaCon Eugene 2016 where he won People’s Choice for his outdoor Sour Tangie. Joining Fox Hollow Flora was seemingly fate, a collaboration around the values of community, family, innovation, and love for the plant.