The Purpose of Fox Hollow Flora is to help humanity recover our inherited connection with cannabis by providing the world with flowers of utmost quality and products that represent our highest integrity.  Our motivation is forged by the hard truth that you will always get out exactly what you put in.  Our country is depending on us to set a standard for Pacific Northwest cannabis that will be unmatched by any other region in the world.  We accept this honor to represent the great state of Oregon in this special moment of our nation’s history; we will never take it for granted.

Fox Hollow Flora is a premium cannabis producer south of Eugene, Oregon.  We have been providing high quality flowers to medical dispensaries in the Eugene area since 2013.  Our flowers took First Place Indoor Flower at Eugene's GanjaCup in both 2015 and 2016.  We won First Place in the People’s Choice category at the GanjaCup in Portland. We were also nominated for Best Indoor Grow at the Dope Industry Awards 2016, presented by Dope Magazine.  Our goal is to maintain responsible growth and continue exploring ways to understand our plants, our genetics, and our bar for excellence. 

We strongly encourage cannabis users to buy Oregon grown and crafted.  Oregon growers are humble to the plant, organically focused, and respectful of the earth.  Our rapidly growing cannabis industry is a symbol of respect, equality, and compassion.  It’s not about hype in Oregon weed; it’s quality over quantity in every aspect of the industry.            

Core Values

consideration for humanity and the earth

sincere in our decisions and actions

Family and Community
we all have a stake in this together

we will never limit ourselves to the present   


Fox Hollow Flora reduces environmental impact by maximizing light efficiency, recycling condensate water, and by employing organic products and techniques to control the ecosystem of our grow spaces.

Fox Hollow Flora is a proud member of the Nectar Family! #nectarfam. For those of you not familiar with Nectar for the Gods, it is a unique, unconventional nutrient line made locally in Springfield, OR by Oregon’s Only.


In addition to the Nectar, we also feed our soils various compost teas of vermiculture, biodynamic compost, and products from the folks at Dragonfly Earth Medicine,  We strive to use products made hyperlocal.


Current Strains

Sour Banana Sherbet
DNA/Crockett Family

Granola Funk
Bodhi Seeds

ChemDawg 2017
Top Dawg Seeds

Lemon Hashplant V.2
Bodhi Seeds

Sour Tangie
DNA/Crockett Family

Tres Dawg
Top Dawg

Dynasty Genetics

Dying Breed 

Grateful Bhū
Gage Green Group


Sour Kush

Fire OG Chem

Dog Walker

Granddaddy Cookies


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